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Vacuum Bell Jar Kit

All of our Bell Jar vacuum systems are available to purchase as a kit including a vacuum pump, vacuum hose and all necessary fittings. We are the main UK agent for DVP Vacuum Technology so can supply a whole range of pumps with our kits. Dependent on your requirements for ultimate pressure and pump down speed, oil pumps or dry pumps we can use our expertise to recommend the correct pump for the application.

The most popular sold with these systems are the DVP LC.4 lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump and DVP ZA.60s oil free piston vacuum pump.

However we do have a whole page of pumps we carry stock of here but we are not limited to those and the full range of DVP vacuum pumps and detailed specifications can be found here at DVP Vacuum Pumps.

If you wish to make an enquiry please head to the contact page or use the quick contact form.